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The Expanding Role of Digital Care in the Delivery of U.S. Healthcare

April 2023

Consumer Healthcare stakeholders have developed expertise in digital marketing and digital commerce. The next frontier for CHC – taking shape in real-time – is Digital Care.

Simplify Self Care with Digital Platform Power

June 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic brought healthcare to the forefront of the global conversation and made it an increasing priority for consumers – this offers a unique opportunity for industry development, particularly as we usher in a new era of technology-driven consumer healthcare. Engineered Self Care combines personalization with technology to meet evolving manufacturer, consumer and retailer needs.

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Rx-to-OTC Switch: The Imperative for Expanded Access to Consumer-Driven Nonprescription Treatment 

April 2021

The pipeline of medications that can be safely self-administered is extensive and exciting. The target populations for these medications are large and chronic. Industry can and must find a way forward to realize commercial gains and improve equity in public health outcomes.

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